Previous (2019) Sessions by Renowned Industry Leaders

Keynote Session


≪ Next-generation Contents Creation with AI ≫

【Date】April. 3 (Wed) 10:00 - 11:30

● The Future of Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence

Hitoshi Matsubara
Vice President,
Future University Hakodate/
Former President,
the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence

< Abstract >
Artificial Intelligence has been creating paintings, music, novel, haiku, comic and various other contents.  How will the development of AI change the human activity to create these contents, and what the role of human beings there? The speech addresses the issue with his own creative activity as an example.  

< Profile >
Specializes in artificial intelligence, working on researches in hopes of creating a robot like Astroboy.
Involved with various AI research projects such as computer Shogi/Go, and AI writing novels.
Several publications in the field, served president of Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, board member of Information Processing Society of Japan and Society for Tourism Informatics.  Currently hold a position as a president of Mirai Share Co., Ltd.

● The Emerging Trend "Creative AI": Deliver a Breakthrough with AI

Masaya Mori
Executive Officer, Rakuten, Inc./
Global Head,
Rakuten Institute of Technology

< Abstract >
In recent years, AI centering on Deep Learning has been getting huge attentions as the technology trend to make a breakthrough to businesses and the society. In this talk, we will introduces some cases of Rakuten Institute of Technology and then explain about the on-going evolution of AI, in particular, Creative AI which makes a big impact on the content industry.

< Profile >
Masaya Mori joined Rakuten Inc in 2006 after working at Accenture. In his current positions of Rakuten Executive Officer and Global Head of Rakuten Institute of Technology, he is in charge of making and implementing strategies of AI, IoT and Big Data solutions and managing six institutes around the world. His research institutes have been developing Robotics technologies, new AI marketing solutions, image recognition, voice recognition, natural language processing, machine translation, language learning solutions and so on.
He is Director of the Database Society of Japan, Executive Member of the Japan Institute of Information Technology, Executive member of Nikkei BP IT innovators and Board member of the Steering Committee of the Ruby Association. In 2013 Mori was selected as one of "40 Prodigies" by the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun newspaper. He made a speech about SDGs on behalf of Japan IT companies in STI Forum at United Nation 2018. He has authored books including The Complete Cloud Computing (co-authored, Nikkei BP) and massive change in the web (Kindai-Sales Co).

Special Sessions

【Bilingual / Free】

≪ The Best and Only Way of Character Business ≫

【Date】April. 3 (Wed) 12:30 - 13:30

● A Look Ahead: Sanrio's Character Business Outlook and Strategy

Tomokuni Tsuji
Senior Managing Director,
Sanrio Co., Ltd.

< Abstract >
How is Sanrio’s social communications gift business positioned to survive and remain relevant in the turbulent and transformative times of today? More than 60 years since its founding, the company in 2018 released its Medium-term Management Plan, a blueprint and strategy for future growth. Senior Managing Director Tomokuni Tsuji will speak about this and more.

< Profile >
Career at Sanrio:
January 2014  Joined the company
June 2015  Appointed Executive Officer, responsible for the Product Planning and Sales Division
June 2016  Appointed Director, Deputy General Manager, Product Planning & Sales Division
June 2017 Appointed Senior Managing Director, responsible for the Media Communications Department (currently the Marketing Division), responsible for the Character Creation Department

≪ The Future Driven by Vtubers ≫

【Date】April. 5 (Fri) 12:30 - 14:00

● New Possibilities of Contents Business Opened by Virtual YouTubers

< Abstract >
The number of virtual YouTubers has been increasing since December 2017 and exceeded 5,000 characters on September 12th, 2018. The market enthusiasm is expected to continue.
The four key platforms behind the scene will discuss the further possibilities of virtual entertainers with the latest content business examples.

< Panelist >
Takeshi Osaka

CEO & Founder,
Activ8 Inc.

< Profile >
Born in 1986.
Founder/CEO of Activ8 Inc. which manages a virtual talent named "Kizuna AI" and "upd8", a group of virtual entertainers which she is also a member of.
His goal is to "to increase choices and options in the world we're living in" by using
technology for entertainment and to update mankind with entertainment.

< Panelist >
Eiji Araki

Senior Vice President,
GREE Inc./
Wright Flyer Live Entertainment Inc.

< Profile >
Eiji Araki is a senior vice president at GREE. He was appointed a director at GREE in September 2013. During his university years, Eiji co-founded several startups and after the sale of these businesses he joined GREE as its fourth regular employee in 2005. Eiji led the development of GREE's PC-based and mobile social networking services as well as several social games, including the long-running title Clinoppe. A core member of the team that established GREE International, Inc., today he oversees the operation of mobile game studios and the expansion of virtual YouTuber business. Eiji graduated with a degree in environment and information studies from Keio University in 2005.

< Panelist >
Shintaro Maeda

Project Leader,
Digital Gr., Advertising Dept.
Suntory Communications Ltd.

< Profile >
Born in 1984.  After graduating from Hitotsubashi Univ. with a commerce degree, joined Hakuhodo Inc. in 2007.  
Taking a part in mass digital media planning of the companies in various field such as distribution, consumer products, automobile, entertainment and finance.  
In 2016, joined Suntory Holdings Ltd. and has been in charge of digital media and communication planning at advertising department.  

< Panelist >
Kento Nakajima

360Channel, Inc.

< Profile >
Joined COLOPL, Inc. after leaving the post graduate information research dept. of Kyoto University.  Engaged in the launch of new business and started 360 Channel, inc.  
In charge of content production for "360 Channel", the 360 degree VR video distribution platform, platform operation, application to physical stores, content right management and providing VTuber solutions to the clients.  
Currently working on the development of various content projects to maximize the potential of the VR/VTuber market.

≪ The Frontier of Digital Contents Streaming ≫

【Date】April. 5 (Fri) 15:00 - 16:30

【Co-host】Visual Industry Promotion Organization

● Insights of Major Streaming Platforms: Future of Movies & Music

< Abstract >
To be announced...

< Panelist >
Yuji Maeda


< Profile >
Born in Tokyo in 1987.  Joined UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd. after graduating from Waseda University with political economy degree in 2010.  In 2011, transferred to UBS Securities LLC in NY.  
Joining DeNA Co., Ltd. in 2013 and launched SHOWROOM, a live stream platform to "make a dream come true".  
In 2015, spin off the SHOWROOM business and established a new company, SHOWROOM Inc.  Became a joint venture company by accepting an investment from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.  
Currently leading the SHOWROOM business as a president of the company.  

< Panelist >
René Fasco

Digital Music,
Amazon Japan G.K.

< Profile >
René Fasco is the Director of Amazon Music in Japan. René oversees Amazon Music Unlimited and Prime Music, as well as Amazon’s digital download music store. Under his leadership, Amazon entered streaming music, first with Prime Music in 2015 and most recently with Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon’s premium on-demand music streaming service with more than 65 million tracks and featuring innovative new Alexa voice controls.

In his role, René also spearheaded Amazon’s first foray into live sports content production with the acquisition of Bundesliga rights and the subsequent launch of an innovative new football audio streaming service. He also initiated an award-winning original radio play program for children that has released 6 series with 122 episodes to date. Earlier in his career at Amazon, René was based in Luxembourg where he built the Amazon Music marketing organization across Europe.

Before joining Amazon, René spent 10 years at McKinsey & Company’s Media & Entertainment Practice in Germany and in the United States. He holds a degree in European Business Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Worms, Germany and the University Complutense in Madrid, Spain.

< Moderator >
San-e Ichii

Managing Director & Secretary General,
VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization)

< Profile >
Date of Birth: October 20, 1957
Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business (University of Pittsburgh, PA)
M.B.A & Keio University, B.A., Economics
Managing Director & Secretary General VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization)

Career Summary
1980 Tokyo Boeki Ltd. (including overseas’ assignment in US and Australia)
1993 Director, Finance & Administration Kraft Japan K.K.
1999 Director, Business Development Baxter Limited
2002 Senior Managing Director & CFO Warner Music Japan Inc.
2008 Representative Director & CEO EMI Music Japan Inc.
2013 Secretary General VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization)
2017 Managing Director & Secretary General VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization)

≪ VR/MR Changes the Business ≫

【Date】April. 3 (Wed) 15:00 - 16:30

● Revolutions Sparked by Mixed Reality - Fusion of Virtual and Real Worlds Changes the Business!

Tomoko Mikami
Senior Director,
BG Lead,
Microsoft 365 Business Gr.,
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

< Abstract >
Microsoft HoloLens is the mixed reality device combining the real and digital world to create a new value.  Two years have passed since the debut in Japan, and it has been applied to the various business scenes to improve working conditions.  
In this session, the speaker introduces how the MR technology and HoloLens help realizing a better working place.

< Profile >
Upon graduation of MBA Program, Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in 2001, she started working for Dell Inc, experienced a numbers of marketing & strategic planning roles.  She joined Microsoft Japan in 2005; her experience includes strategic finance planning at Microsoft Corporation, Global OEM partner management and Strategic business planning.  Since 2017, she has served as Japan Microsoft 365 business group lead which includes, the business responsibility of Windows Platform, Office 365 and HoloLens.

● VR and Visualization Innovations by NVIDIA "RTX Technology"

Hideaki Tanaka
Senior Manager,
Enterprise Marketing,

< Abstract >
RTX technology enables to recreate the visualization, such as photorealistic VR, rendering and also ray tracing in real-time.  
The latest information on Quadro RTX GPU and Holodeck VR will be disclosed in this session.  

< Profile >
Joined Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. in 1989.  After working as support staff for UNIX system and CAD workstation, Mr. Tanaka was assigned to the product marketing for network, desktop PC, workstation, and enterprise server products.  
In 2016, he joined NVIDIA Corporation and has been working as marketing personnel for the professional visualization project.

≪ Advanced Entertainment with VR/MR ≫

【Date】April. 4 (Thu) 15:00 - 16:30

● Universal Studios Japan's Advanced Entertainment to Offer "the World's Best" Experience

Kensaku J. Misono
Brand Marketing,
Marketing Dept.,

< Abstract >
Universal Studio Japan welcomes a large number of guests from Japan and outside. With their strong determination to provide "the world's best", the company has created various attractions, shows, as well as events themed with Hollywood box-office movies and globally popular contents with the latest technologies.
The speech will overview the role of advanced technologies in entertainment, and describe the event plans with VR contents.

< Profile >
Manager of the marketing department of Universal Studio Japan LLC., specializing in brand marketing.  
Mr. Misono joined USJ in 2001 and took part in the launch and operation of the attractions.  After working in the publicity team in the marketing department, he was assigned to the event development team.  In charge of seasonal events such as Halloween and New Year's Eve Count Down, and currently leading the collaboration events from planning and development to advertising.  The projects include Universal Cool Japan, tie-ups with movies, and various other promotional events.

● The Startup Invested by Walt Disney Creates the Next-generation VR/MR Entertainment

Ken Fukazawa

< Abstract >
XR technologies change the content trend from the plane-based to spatial-based.  This is the turning point and now is the time to change the production methodologies as well.  
TYFFON develops the XR attractions and operates TYFFONIUM, the amusement facility to provide its own unique entertainment experience.  
In this session, he will introduce their perspective and methodology to create new experience at TYFFONIUM.

< Profile >
After working as an engineer at Sun Microsystems, Mr. Fukazawa became a painter/film maker, presented his works at both Japanese and international film festivals, and held a solo art exhibition at Maison de Balzac, Paris.  
In 2011, he established TYFFON Inc. and developed applications with a record of over 50 million DL. He set up the subsidiary of TYFFON Inc. in the States in 2014 to follow up the adoption of Disney Accelerator.
Currently in charge of development of VR/AR/MR content and operation of the MR attraction facility, TYFFONIUM.  

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