Exclusive support services

1. Online Matching System (Free)

Show Management supports you set up appointments using the Online Matching System and have meetings with visitors at your booth.

2. Direct Mailing Service

On your behalf, Show Management sends out your exhibiting information flyers to the selected industry executives and professionals, which helps your information spread outside your own clients' list.

* This service requires an additional cost. The details will be informed about 3 months before the show.

3. Media Exposure through Series of Press Releases (Free)

To maximise media coverage, Show Management will distribute press releases to related press/media professionals highlighting exhibitors' products/services.

4. Targeted Email/DM Blast to 850,000 Potential Visitors (Free)

Invitation tickets with show information and exhibitors' information will be sent out to industry executives and professionals in Japan, Asia and all over the world.

5. Promotion via Website/SNS (Free)

※ These services might be subject to change.

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